College of Agriculture Student Assistance Scholarship

Required Qualifications:

  • Pursuing a degree from the College of Agriculture;
  • Awarded to students meeting one of the following circumstances:
    - Parent(s) of dependent child/children under the age of majority or disabled; and/or
    - Non-traditional age with income consuming responsibilities not typical of traditional age students; and/or
    - Student(s) preparing for a new occupation due to altered life circumstances such as: a. Injury leading to disability and/or loss of employment; b. Economic/technological changes leading to the need for education-based occupational mobility; and/or
    - Veteran(s) of the Armed Forces of America and/or the spouse of a Veteran.

Additional Award Information:

  • Award may be renewable at the discretion of the award authority.
  • Previous recipients must continue to meet the required qualifications and submit an application annually to be considered for renewal.