Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarships are Montana State University’s most distinguished academic awards, recognizing scholastic achievement, demonstrated leadership and unique personal qualities. Scholarship recipients receive annual tuition waivers, a generous stipend and priority registration. Recent Presidential Scholars have gone on to receive such renowned awards as the Goldwater, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell scholarships. As Ambassadors of the university, they reflect its highest ideals through demonstrated leadership and public service, and are in the process of leaving a unique fingerprint on their world.

The Presidential Scholarship is a rigorous, competitive application. Recipients of the scholarship routinely have a 3.9 GPA or higher and are ranked in the top 3% of their class. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to determine if you are a competitive candidate for the scholarship.

The Presidential Scholarship application is open to incoming freshmen with a high school GPA of 3.7+. Students must first complete the General Scholarship Application before they are eligible to access the Presidential Scholarship application. If you do not have a 3.7+ GPA, but feel you would be competitive for this scholarship, please contact the Honors College office at

Supplemental Questions
  1. Parent/Guardian 1 Information
    • 1. Parent/Guardian 1 -- First Name
    • 2. Parent/Guardian 1 -- Last Name
    • 3. Parent/Guardian 1 -- Mailing Address
    • 4. Parent/Guardian 1 -- City
    • 5. Parent/Guardian 1 -- State
    • 6. Parent/Guardian 1 -- Zip Code
  2. Parent/Guardian 2 Information
    • 1. Parent/Guardian 2 -- First Name
    • 2. Parent/Guardian 2 -- Last Name
    • 3. Parent/Guardian 2 -- Mailing Address
    • 4. Parent/Guardian 2 -- City
    • 5. Parent/Guardian 2 -- State
    • 6. Parent/Guardian 2 -- Zip Code
  3. Academic Background
    • 1. Are you a National Merit Semi-Finalist?
    • 2. Current unweighted high school GPA:
    • 3. Current weighted high school GPA:
    • 4. Current class rank/percentage rank
    • 5. Senior Year class schedule -- Fall semester
    • 6. Senior Year class schedule -- Spring semester
  4. Honors and Awards
    • List the most significant academic honor or award you have received while in high school. Please include the dates you received it. You may add up to five responses by selecting the Add Another Answer link below.
  5. High School Activities
    • List the most significant high school activity you participated in while in high school. Please include any leadership positions, offices held, dates of involvement, and hours per week you spent on the activity. You may add up to five responses by selecting the Add Another Answer link below.
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