Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate student;
  • Interest in undergraduate research.

Additional Information
In order to apply, applicants must first obtain a faculty mentor for proposed research and complete the Undergraduate Scholars Program application.

Undergraduate Scholars Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. INBRE Research Program Focus: Please indicate the focus of your research project so that we can review for all applicable programs.
  2. Have you received funding from USP or INBRE previously?
  3. Funding: Note this award requires a substantial time commitment for research work and delivery of a final report.
    • 1. I am requesting funding for the following term (single semester, full academic year, summer):
    • 2. New project or Renewal: please select renewal if this project is a continuation of a project previously funded by USP or INBRE:
  4. Research Area: Please select any relevant criteria listed below to help us appropriately route your project for review and/or to be notified about special programs related to these research areas.
  5. After you discuss this project with your mentor, please enter mentor contact information here.
    • 1. Mentor Name and Email Address
    • 2. Reenter Mentor First Name
    • 3. Reenter Mentor Last Name
    • 4. Mentor Phone
    • 5. Mentor College
    • 6. Mentor Department
    • 7. Mentor Campus Address
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